25 breakup advice sites to help you move on

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Moving on from a breakup is a challenge so finding a good resource to vent, to seek breakup advice, or simply to find the company of those sharing the journey can be a big relief and help. So, here are my picks for best breakup advice sites to guide you through moving on from a relationship. They range from sites for divorced women, sites for newly single men and a few unusual and more light-hearted ones like the breakup cookbook. There’s bound to be at least one site here that fits your temperament.
Do you have a suggestion for a site that should be listed here? Let me know in the comments below or use the contact form.

Get Your Angries Out – Lynn Namka’s site with links to her books to help manage your the anger that can come with breakups, divorces and many other of life’s disappointments. Also http://nardar.com/ and http://happyhealthyloving.com/

Getting Past Your Breakup – This blog is based on the book Getting Past Your Breakup: How to Turn a Devastating Loss into the Best Thing That Ever Happened to You. The title says it all. The blog is an active and thriving community dedicated to helping let go of a past love.

Breakup Cookbook – Kind of light-hearted when you are ready for a little humor. Don’t forget to eat well when you are have a hard time emotionally!

soyouvebeendumped.com – starts off on the first page with a step-by-step approach to getting over a relationship. As the site says: you’ve come to the right place to start that journey from “it’s over” to “over it.”

Breakup Girl – a blog whose persona “is the superhero whose domain is LOVE or the lack thereof!” It helps to shake off the misery with some laughs and good advice.

LovesAGame –  An interactive site by Eddie Corbano who helps other with their breakup process via his Ex-Detox program and ebook.

Brilliant Exits – From the website: “Our specialty is to support, empower, and guide women, men and families through the complexities of separation and divorce.” Of course many of the insights and resources here can be applied to moving on from any serious romantic relationship.
LoveShack.org – A community dedicated to the discussion of love relationships with a very useful section called “Breaking Up, Reconciliation & Coping”.

First Wives World – A site to help women (mostly) move on from divorce. The advice and information here can often be applied equally well if you are a man or moving on from other types of relationships — not necessarily marriage.positive outcomes of breakup were less likely when people coped by venting

The Smart Woman’s Breakup Book – A seven-step method focused on helping you to move on. If you haven’t let go of the past it is difficult to get the future you want.

Rapid Breakup Recovery – Gear towards men this site by coach Jesse Martin deals with the whole process from the first confusing days after a breakup to finally moving on and meeting someone new (if that’s what you want).

How to Break Up Gracefully WebMD – WebMD is not a website devoted to breakup advice but it is interesting to see what they’ve put together in just two pages by way of advice from experts. The info might serve as a good jumping off point for further exploration.

The Breakup Diet – a site in support of and in addition to the author’s book The Break-Up Diet: A Memoir. Mostly for women but humorous & entertaining for men, too.

The Break-up Guide – For those seeking guidance through a divorce or breakup this site promotes a positive outlook on the process more than some other sites. Giving the benefit of the doubt and seeing the best in others does make life easier…

I Am Divorced Not Dead – A website in support of her book The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom is not solely about breakup/divorce but definitely has some interesting (and funny!) ideas about the whole process and a first-hand account about the experience — a phoenix risen from the ashes type of story.

The Breakup Cleanse – Dr. Brit Brogaard, Ph.D. created this program to speed up the recovery process after a breakup. From her bio: Her educational background includes a medical degree in neuroscience and a doctorate in philosophy. I’m really intrigued!

The Break-up Club – Taking the high road and being proactive after a break-up!

BreakUpEasy – A free service to help you break up as well as a place to tell your story or just blow off steam. Unique site, ut definitely try to talk it out if you can!

Rachel Sussman – an authority on relationship issues Rachel has written a book The Breakup Bible, but her website is about all facets of romantic connections.

The Breakup Doctor – Not really a doctor, “the breakup doctor” is just a nickname, but his information could be what your looking for.

eNotAlone – a Breaking Up and Divorce sub-forum on this site is very active. Plenty of members will be happy to help you with advice or just to hear you out if you are going through a breakup or ready to move on.

Wikihow – 13 steps of good advice simplified and all on one page. It may be a little too basic but still, there is lots to help you here.

Breakup and Shine – it can take a while to realize but as Marissa’s blog title implies a breakup can be the best thing for you. In the end a breakup can make you a better and happier person if you try to grow and remain positive as much as possible.

The Breakup Mermaid – A woman-focused website and blog with thoughtful and good advice. For example, read the latest posts on why the “No Contact” rule is particularly difficult for women.

Breakup School – a mostly woman-focused blog/site by Janelle Klander. Again, lots of really helpful breakup advice. She will coach you through breaking up and moving on whether you’re the dumper or the dumpee.

The American Psychological Association – a heady, academic take on breakups if your up for that. Yes, you can come out of a breakup better than you started.

Finally, my site: lots of breakup advice in the form of helpful quotes and analysis to encourage you to let go.

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