Emotional Freedom Technique and moving on

Many times moving on from a painful situation has more to do with our own emotional blocks than anything else. This is when the Emotional Freedom Technique and moving on can work together to bring you the life you deserve. EFT is a system of tapping pressure points and using affirmations to adjust and to clear the energy within our bodies and our emotions. You can perform EFT anytime, anywhere — though people might wonder what in the world your doing! Here’s an impressive introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique from its founder Gary Craig.

How Emotional Freedom Technique Works

To get started with EFT, hold two fingers together. These will be your tapping fingers. You’ll use them to gently tap specific parts of your body in order while you say the affirmations you’ve chosen. The pressure points are:

• The “karate chop point” on the outside of your hand — you can use four fingers to tap here

• The top of the head

• The inner corner of the eyebrow

• The outer corner of the eye

• Under the eye

• Under the nose

• The chin

• The collarbone

• Under the arm along the rib cage

Combining the Emotional Freedom Technique and moving on is a powerful way to shift the energy that is holding you in place. At each tapping point, you’ll use your affirmation. You may require several cycles in each session or several sessions to see full results.

Feelings that Need Shifting

Some of the most obvious emotions we experience when we know we need to move on are hurt and anger. While we can be angry at other people initially, sometimes the hurt and anger we have toward ourselves is what is keeping us from moving on. Other feelings holding us back can include:

• Shame for not having seen through lies.

• Self-blame for real or perceived failings

• Guilt

• Feeling taken advantage of

• Difficulty trusting others

• Regret for staying too long

Left too long, these emotions pile up and grow more complicated. The beauty of using Emotional Freedom Technique and moving on is that you work through the different levels of each emotion and move through them to get to the other side.

Sample Affirmations

Some of the affirmations that might help when using Emotional Freedom Technique and moving on may seem a little hard to say at first. This is okay. As you work through the technique, they’ll become easier to say and you’ll even start to believe them. Here are some affirmations to try:

• Even though I am so angry for being taken advantage of, I love and accept myself.

• Even though I feel so stupid for not seeing what was happening, I love and accept myself.

• I’m really mad at them and I’m mad at me for getting involved in the first place, but I love and accept myself.

• Even though I can’t let this go right now, I love and accept myself.

It’s important to include a portion of the statement that reminds you that you love yourself and that you do not blame yourself for anything that happened.

Using EFT to help you move on is easy, and you don’t need any special equipment. Let the energy and locked emotions start to flow. Once you peel away the outer layers, you can deal with the other emotions that are holding you back. To be even more effective ask an EFT practitioner to help you out and get deeper faster with the aid of their experience.