Letting Go

| March 13, 2014

The cause or the virtue that brings about authentic presence is emptying out and letting go. ~ Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche


It is not easy to comment on a meditation master‘s words and how they relate to the process of moving on but here goes:

Here I take “authentic presence” to mean the real you, or the divine or sacred you beyond small, self-centered desire. So I would take the “emptying out” and “letting go” to be the giving up of action and thought based on self-interest and self-centredness. If you let go of your own concerns so that you respond openly to what is going on in your world then you will be responding authentically and from a state free of fear, after all what is there to be afraid of if you aren’t concerned for yourself.

From the point of view of moving on if you let go of self-concern the whole process becomes very easy! What causes a lot of the pain and confusion when you lose a friend, lover, spouse, job… are thoughts like “Poor me!” or “What am going to do now without [fill in the blank]!”

It’s quite hard to let go of self-concern. But just knowing that life is easier when you think of others before yourself gives you some strength and a path forward. Please let me know what you think in the comments.

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