Lyrics to Alone Again (Naturally)

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The lyrics to Alone Again (Naturally) song by Gilbert O’Sullivan starts in the darkest possible way. If we’re looking for a negative quote about moving on from this life this would be it. Suicide as a way of moving on? If you believe that nothing comes after this life it might be a possible escape. However many religions decry killing yourself as one of the most negative acts you can commit. Some Buddhists says it is even worse than killing another person.

I promised myself to treat myself
And visit a nearby tower
And climbing to the top
Will throw myself off

Apparently, since Gilbert O’Sullivan is still alive, the story is not from life experience — how could it be? — (see the youtube video below) but is so well told that it does seem real. Alone Again (Naturally) and its interesting lyrics was at #1 during 1972 on the US billboard charts for 6 weeks: a testament to its uniqueness and at the same time it ability to appeal to many different types of people despite its dark subject matter. If you were alive and listening to the radio you may agree that “Alone Again (Naturally)” is one of the more memorable quotes or phrases from the year 1972.

Unfortunately the solution to the problem of being jilted at the wedding altar — one of the least desirable outcomes of a relationship! — is the worst possible. But being alone is natural. Even when we are with someone we are alone. At least from an egocentric point of view we inhabit this body. Others inhabit their own bodies. Therefore we are naturally alone. However, if you look at it from a less materialistic point of (unlike the lyrics to Alone Again (Naturally)) then we are never alone. When you are not limited by the idea that we are our bodies and nothing else then there is a feeling of interconnectedness that is present even in the deepest moment of aloneness.

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