Moving on from… having too much stuff

| April 21, 2014 | 0 Comments

Having been a monk in earlier years I am accustomed to minimalism and simplicity. My days would be filled with activities associated with my buddhist faith and supporting others in their spiritual quests. While I was busy with all that I had little time for “getting and spending” (quotes from that poem often pop into my mind) and plenty of time for meditation and the world is too much with us getting and spending we lay waste our powers minimalismcontemplation. If I had the discipline. So, it is not hard for me to maintain a simple life. And rather than downsizing I find myself upsizing — a little. But how is it for those who have a lot of possessions and responsibilities but see the value in minimalism and simplicity? I can imagine there are inner as well as outer adjustments to be made! As you relieve yourself of things you likely find some resistance. Or maybe not. Maybe it is, well… a relief.

Unless you are somehow forced into it changing to a simpler lifestyle requires conscious effort and sacrifice. So it is important to clarify your motivation in order to give yourself the necessary impetus to make the changes. Even writing things out answering questions like: Why do I want to do this? What do I hope to gain from my loss of stuff? What will my life look like when I have made the bulk of the transition to less bulk? Reading and connecting to other people will both help you become firm in your decision.

Once your motivation is clear it is then important to make a step-by-step plan. Again at this stage surrounding yourself with others of a similar, or at least helpful, mindset can be an important support to following through. Continue reading and fine tuning your plan. Like life in general downsizing, simplifying, or minimalism is a work in progress. Even when you have made the transition to a simpler lifestyle life keeps happening and you are continually adjusting.

For more info on minimalism and the simpler life there are plenty of books and resources on Amazonminimalism and other on and offline bookstores.


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