Quotes About a Broken Heart

In researching quotes about broken hearts it became obvious that everyone with any authority on the subject agrees on one point: don’t avoid the pain. The more you can face your broken heart the more you will learn and grow and the sooner you will be able to be involved again, if that is what you choose to do.

For those of us who've experienced a broken heart it is not a good feeling It is so intense that some of us will do anything to escape it which creates even more problems

See? A professional therapist pretty much says “Don’t avoid the pain” here. The problem is the pain is inescapable. You might ignore it through any one of many different strategies and distractions but it is almost like the pain is all-seeing and all-knowing; it will find you and the more you ignore it the harder it will be to deal with when you finally do get around to it. That’s not to say that having fun and some distraction is not ok — it is important to distract yourself but not as your main strategy for dealing with pain or at least not for too long…(a program for getting over heartbreak)

heartbreak quote

This quote is quite clear without any extra explanation. It does, though, remind of the actual benefit of going through the experience of dealing with a broken heart. We become wiser possible even kinder and more compassionate when we deal with our pain without avoidance and with gentleness to ourselves. It makes sense doesn’t it? The bigger our heart the easier it is for it to hold sadness and pain. What is a huge problem in a small space — for example an elephant — is hardly a problem in the vast plains of Africa.

trungpa rinpoche quote

Seems radical: “…one must have a broken heart.” This is talking about a spiritual warrior though and doesn’t necessarily refer to those of us getting over a heartbreak. But it is good to know that heartache isn’t all bad and that it is in fact a prerequisite for some jobs! It seems contradictory to say that a warrior should be tender and vulnerable when we usually think of a warrior as being tough and invulnerable [again it is a spiritual warrior being written about] but openness and sensitivity are important qualities in a healthy kind of strength. For more on Chögyam Trungpa and why in the world he says something like this check out various books by Chögyam Trungpa.

Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all

Yes? I believe Alfred is here talking about romantic love. It’s true that such misfortune (or fortune depending on your perspective) can “build character” but that is somewhat dependent on how your deal with it. Perhaps if your reaction to loving and losing is negative it is better not to have loved at all? It could be that you become bitter and closed down after a failed relationship and if that bitterness only closes you down and makes you a difficult person to be with in the end than maybe it is better to not have loved in a romantic sense than to have loved and become a angry bitter curmudgeon. Just thinking out loud — would be interested to hear your thoughts in the comments. More on Alfred Lord Tennyson — there are many quotes about broken hearts in his poems and writings.